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Smart, Safe & Efficient Land Clearing

Clearscape offers initial and total site clearing, vegetation mulching, broad acre slashing and steep slope vegetation maintenance.

Let us take control of your land clearing with a smart, safe and efficient approach.

Land Clearing & Maintenance


Fire Prevention &
Natural Disasters

Steep Slope

Reduce risk, costs and increase efficiency

To ensure smart and efficient completion of your project, we employ advanced technology that increases productivity and precision, resulting in an exceptional finish on your cleared land.

At our company, safety and efficiency are top priorities for all our services, not only are our operators highly trained to complete the task as safe as possible, we also use the latest innovative machinery on the market to minimise risk and in some cases we have removed the on board operator risk completely by maintaining vegetation on steep slopes and challenging terrain with remote controlled mowers.

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Clearscape Services

Land Clearing

Total site Clearing & Broad Acre Slashing

Vegetation Mulching

Eco- friendly method to selectively clear invasive species & overgrown brush.

Fire Prevention & Natural Disasters

Fire Breaks, Fence line clearing, broad acre slashing & storm damage clean up.

Steep Slope Maintenance

Remote controlled vegetation maintenance for steep terrain, drains easements & more

Smarter Land Clearing

Why Choose Clearscape

When it comes to Vegetational Management and Land Clearing, Clearscape offers a smart, safe, and efficient approach. Our team utilises innovative tools and methods to complete jobs on time, while prioritising operator safety and reducing labour costs. We are dedicated to providing a secure working environment for both our employees and customers. Whether you need to tackle steep terrain or manage large areas with thick vegetation growth, our advanced equipment and highly skilled operators ensures safe and effective results. With our expertise and commitment to safety, Clearscape is the ideal partner for anyone seeking a reliable solution for their land clearing and maintenance projects.

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If you’re looking for reliable and professional land clearing and maintenance services, Clearscape has you covered. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and learn how we can help you achieve your goals. Don’t wait any longer, take the first step towards a better-managed landscape today!

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