Smarter Land Clearing Solutions

At Clearscape we understand that land and vegetation clearing comes in many forms, we pride ourselves on using the latest technology to ensure our customer requirements are met and the job is completed to the highest standard. Clearscape offers a range of professional clearing services from private property maintenance through to large scale commercial clearing. 

Land Clearing & Maintenance

Initial and Total Site Clearing

Land clearing services for residential, farming and commercial development. Clearscape can be your go to contractor for total site vegetation clearing. Broad acre slashing and large scale vegetation clearing, we can clear large areas to become development ready.  

Vegetation Clearing


Clearscape offers broad acre slashing for your block, paddock or to clear overgrown fence lines. With rotary mower front mount attachments for our compact track loaders we can manoeuvre into areas that may other wise be difficult for a large tractor with a rear mount slasher. We also have a solution to slash and mow tight or height restricted areas with our remote controlled machine. 

Forestry Mulching

Forestry mulching is the most efficient and economical way to selectively clear heavily wooded areas with introduced vegetation. This method surpasses traditional forms of clearing trees and allows the operator to selectively remove and mulch unwanted trees and vegetation while at the same time working this nutrient rich mulch back into the soil on the forest floor to improve soil health and promote growth of native vegetation.

Mulching Orchards and Groves

Clearscape has the ability to clear and mulch large orchards and groves. The benefit of using mulching attachments for this task is that the organic matter from the existing material can be mulched down and left behind to use at the orchard or grove and help to put nutrients back into the soil and assist future growth.

Clearing Vegetation and Reclaiming Farm Land

Reclaim your land from invasive species growth. Clearscape can help add value to your land by reclaiming overgrown areas that have become unusable, we can access steep and challenging terrain to slash or mulch vegetation and allow the land to regenerate with healthy growth.

Steep Slope Maintenance

The maintenance of slopes and embankments can be both hazardous and costly. Effectively cutting large areas in such terrain poses significant challenges to operators, land managers and the environment.

Our remotely operated RC mower mitigates these risks by accessing difficult terrains and eliminating the need for on board operators to climb steep angles. Additionally, its lightweight design and track system enable it to maneuver over wet and boggy ground while cutting overgrown vegetation.

With one operator remotely controlling the machine, we can maintain vegetation on steep slopes and eliminate the need for unsafe use of line trimmers or herbicide spraying. 

Fire Prevention & Natural Disasters

Fire prevention strategies such as fence line clearing, fire breaks or fuel reduction of forest floor material can greatly reduce the risk of fire spreading quickly. This is a great way to protect your assets and improve the safety for the community around you.

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